Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to be a better muslim

How to be a better muslim.

* this is short notes for myself after watching Nouman Ali Khan videos

1.   Worship
fajr prayer improved? set a goal. More and more. sleep early and wake up early. fajr, quran. change day, then year, then life. project to memorize quran in our heart.

2.    Knowledge.
how to grow my knowledge this year?
be educated muslim in islam. recommendation; study the sirah  of prophet once, different sources. take one at a time. again every year. life of prophet as inspiration. gives perspective and reflection.

makes substantiation gain of quran. try to memorize specific surah (this year), read it and understand the tafsir. focus on one thing, and get it right. understanding the surah. memorize and understanding is not separated. the more recited, the more we understand it.

at least 3- 4 dua's, study and memorize them and make it a part of your life. (Combine knowledge and practices). there are other areas of knowledge, but these three will immediately make us a better muslim. Loves of prophet is increasing. knowlege of dua increasing understanding asking to allah. Knowledge should increase our knowledge.

3.   Services.
we have set times to do this. Weekdays or weekend. do some kind of services (help people). not necessarily do this under islamic banner. just do it. good causes, regardless. Just do it for ourselves, don’t publicly advertised in on social media. part of build maturity for teen.

These is not our goal, instead a thing the we can do to to be a good muslim.