Monday, June 23, 2008

New blogs, new hope!

Salams, There are few advise from several Professor on my MSc and a brief briefing about live in US as a student, and I would like to share to all. Not only i think it will benefit but as a good reminder for me. I write this on a spirit and full energy, and hopefully the spirit will be charge back after read this post again and again.

I do my experiment at the very last moment and pray that it all will go smooth. Nearly at 11am, Dr Yahya Mat Arip give me a few advises on airport and Immigration. According to him, there will be no problem on meal if by MAS ( KLIA to LA), but if we are looking for Muslim Food or Halal Food, the US Airways will not preparing it for us. Instead, Kosher meal does not taste good, and taste odd! SO, he advise to book for "Sea Food" as another excellent alternative. The question is, whether the food will be mix up with alcohol etc non halal product? No, because US system are very straight and restrict. Sea food contain only sea food without adding of any beverages etc. So, other than Kosher food, the best alternative is Sea Food. Remember.. S.E.A F.O.O.D = sea food. :P

Okay, let talk about airport. IN the airport, you will find many stall / shops. They will display prices on thing/ good they sell. Let say you want to buy a newspaper which display USD 1.50, please do not be surprise if you have to pay USD 1.75! What happened? You see, the price display is without tax-added. After tax, its normal to see we pay 'more' than it normal rate. But please be very particular. If you don't feel confident about it, ask how many percent for rate, and calculate it ourself. Better be cautious and careful.

Look carefully on your e-ticket, and please asked people in the counter if you are not very sure about your flight or ticket. They will happy to help you. DO not ask stranger for conformation or randomly talked about details of your flight. You can have a choices whether to bring with you cash money or traveler check. In a god site, travelers check is more secure, and you settle this in Citibank's or other international bank. What is travelers check? You can Google or wikipedia it, can't you?

Thank Goodness my supervisor email me and asked for my flight details because he want to wait for me at the Gainesville Regional Airport. I remember one of advised by Tini Sufina ( pHD student in Port Laudale, UF) mention about be independent and try not to bother the supervisor so much, especially if we can do it ourself. She did mention about her venture when arrive there without anyone helping, and she did her best to survive! Respect! You know what? In Gainesville, I’m the only Malaysian and Malay (so far). Lol. Nice?

I also meet Prof Abu, Dean School of biological Sciences, just to say “bye-bye “ to him, and asked a few advise, as he is American –based background education. According to him, we must study like everyday is an examination to us. Do not study up to last moment, because he said that he have witness many good person fail upon his eyes because study in last minutes. “If you gonna study like USM’s does, you totally fail or gonna be fail!”. His advised sometimes sound like a curse to me.. but by the way, he did pray for my very best. Thank you again.

Guys, I took a few days to write this memo? Because I wish to share my final moment and passion with you guys. Up to next Friday , I probably waiting in KLIA for my flight. Pray that I will succeed in this mission, and hope we all can keep updated!