Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Msc Brotherhood.



My parent did not came for my Msc graduation last August not because of several reasons. One rational was the cost is not that cheap if they want to travel from Malaysia to UF. The time zone  different is about 12 hours, and I think its better for them to save the money for pilgrim. Plus, with their ages >50 years, to travel on plane about 24 hours is not the best things to do especially if it is their 1st time. Whatever the reasons, it has been made, and all of us are happy with it.


August 7th arrived, and so do all the family members at O’cornell center, the official hall for the commencement ceremony. I came alone, after Rafe Biswas, a phd student that I stay at his place for the last week at Gainvesville drop me off at the parking.

Yes, I have attending two same occasion at the same place for my former roomies. Adeel Ahmed and Arif O for their Msc at different semester. You can say it were also my unofficial rehearsal with my mind saying many times,

“You will be one of the chosen to walk on the stage soon. Keep the  engine running and faster”.

Alhamdulillah, even though my family members did not came, but the brotherhoods in Islam never let me alone to celebrate. I would like to thanks all of you for showing up during that day.


If I was crying (which I obviously did not because I’m a man Smile with tongue out) it will be tears of happiness. Miss you guys a lot. Keep in touch, ya!