Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Towards Sakinah (Peacefulness)

The story is not about a best friend being together, 
nor the best couple in the word matching each other,
its a sacred promise to unify the survivors, 
from just a normal friend,
to the best friend for the entire life.

Its a point to say goodbye for many ends, 
that astray the singles to find the doors, 
a key to escape a cold and lonely journey, 
towards blessfull life with new color
we not alone stepping together.

It is indeed a lottery ticket, 
for opposite gender obtaining many best, 
the best title and the best rest, 
with hoping for His guidance, merciful and love, 
counting steps to heaven and breathing air of perfection.

Married is not a small word, 
its compilation of action, 
a million trust without a dust of doubt, 
true promises to share and live,
completing each other in many ways, 
because if I'm still alone,  
forever will never perfect.

I'm loving you.